Kelly Carpenter

Kelly Carpenter…

Kelly is a world-renowned songwriter and instrumentalist.
He is passionate about enriching the lives of others
through the gift of music and the sharing of inspiring ideas.
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Music for the journey…

Life is a journey. And here you will find some “traveling” music.
Kelly creates music that inspires, motivates, and soothes, whether it be contemplative piano, sweeping cinematic soundscapes, or stirring anthems.
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Inspiration for the soul…

Here you will enjoy quotes, artwork, stories…
all about life, health, and creativity.
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Peace for the planet…

Kelly is passionate in his belief that it is truly possible to make the world a better and more peaceful place.
All about peace, justice, and compassion. Here are some of his thoughts as well as those of others.
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Latest Posts

“Draw Me Close” Turns 20

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years, but it has. I wrote what has become my signature song, “Draw Me Close, in January of 1994. I came home from church on a Sunday, January 9th to be exact, and felt somewhat discouraged. I had been pouring all of my energy into my “ministry”, the worship/music department at Northwest Community Church in Kirkland, Washington. I had plans. I was ambitious. And yet, although I was doing all this stuff ostensibly for God, I felt somewhat disconnected. So, this song was birthed out of that sense of loss and discouragement.

Unlike most of the other worship songs I wrote at the time, I rarely ever sang this one at our church. It was such a personal song that I was afraid that if I did it too much, it would start to lose its impact for me. As the years rolled by, whenever I would participate in some event, I would always be called upon to sing “my” song, and there were times when I would resent not being asked to do any of my other songs. But these days I have nothing but great appreciation for how much this song has been used and to know that I had some small part in people being blessed by it, that means more to me than I can express.

Noël Project Now on iTunes

Yep, that’s right. If you’ve been waiting for the Project to be available in the digital marketplace, well, wait no further. You can get it on iTunes, as well as CDBaby and Amazon. Here are all the wonderful links. Of course, there are still a very small number of CDs left in stock until we orderContinue Reading

Noël Project Vid #3

Here’s the final promo video for The Noël Project. This one features short clips from all the songs on the Project. Enjoy!
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It’s Here!!

NoelProjectShipmentContinue Reading